Request for Approval Letter

If you need help obtaining budget approval, here is a customizable Request for Approval letter that you can copy and paste and send in an email to your supervisor to help your cause!

Hi [Manager Name],

I would like to join the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) and would appreciate your backing to do so.

IECA supports professionals in all levels of the stormwater and erosion control industry around the globe. This association will provide me with the tools and connections needed to help me meet our goals. I believe IECA will enrich my skills and keep me on top of new technology. I have no doubt that IECA membership and education will make me the best employee I can be.

With IECA membership, I’ll gain access to top-notch webinars, conferences, publications, industry resources and mentoring opportunities. I’ll learn how to think strategically, find solutions, and be more effective on the job. IECA will help me work smarter and give me ideas I can bring back to the office to save time and money. It would also provide me (and in turn our office) greater credibility with the public. You can learn more about IECA, pricing options and how it will benefit me and [organization name] by visiting 

IECA is the association for anyone involved in stormwater and erosion control and I want to be a part of it. Thank you in advance for investing in my professional development and the betterment of our company.

Please let me know if I have your approval to proceed or I can provide additional information.


[your name]