Worldwide Ecopliant CISEC Certification Program for Sediment and Erosion Control Inspectors

Ecopliant CISEC provides a comprehensive training and certification program for qualified sediment and erosion control inspectors having at least 2-years of inspection experience. We have certified registrants located throughout
the United States, Canada and Malaysia and are ready to assist all that are seeking professional inspector training and certification in sediment and erosion control.

Training Program**

Our 1½-day comprehensive “hands-on” training program consists of four modules on:

  • Rules and Regulations as they apply to an inspector’s obligation to meet the 2017 Modified Construction General Permit (CGP). During the 1½-to 2-hour presentation, registrants will learn about what is necessary to meet regulatory inspection requirements.
  • Inspector Background Material that provides registrants with a 1-hour presentation on essential information for being an effective inspector. Emphasized in this module are exercises on assessing, evaluating and understanding how BMPs presented within a SWPPP are to be implemented and inspected on a construction site.
  • Inspecting Best Management Practices for the many different sediment and erosion control methods found on construction sites. During the 3-hour presentation, registrants will also learn how to write inspection reports and develop corrective action plans.
  • Conducting Inspections provides a 3½- to 4.0-hour long construction site virtual tour to assess and update sediment and erosion control plans, evaluate installed BMPs, write inspection reports and develop corrective actions plans.
In addition to our intermediate level in person optional training program, Ecopliant CISEC has an on-line program for individuals to review material at their own pace located on the IECA eHub:

Certification Examination**

In the afternoon of the second day, those having at least 2-years of inspection experience may be eligible to sit for our comprehensive closed book 3½-hour certification examination. However, before applicants can sit for the test, they must receive approval by Ecopliant CISEC. Once an applicant passes the comprehensive test with a score of 75% or better, they become a Full Ecopliant CISEC registrant.

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** Materials are subject to periodic revisions and updates.

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