Sustained Contributor

The Sustained Contributor Award recognizes an IECA member who has provided distinguished service to IECA and has made outstanding contributions to improve the erosion and sediment control industry for a sustained period of time. Winners of this Award will have demonstrated leadership by example through a significant and long-term contribution to the erosion and sediment control industry and to IECA through one or more of the following: education, government involvement, research, establishment of standards or policies or the development of technology. The recipient must be an active member of IECA and have held membership for at least 10 years.

Judging Criteria

  • Does the individual demonstrate leadership by example? (15points)
  • Is the individual known for his/her leadership contributions to IECA and the erosion and sediment control profession? (20 points)
  • Is the individual known for his/her technical, policy and/or administrative contributions to IECA and the erosion and sediment control profession? (15 points)
Total of 50 points available. Nominations not achieving at least 50% of available points in each judging criterion and at least 75% of the overall points will not qualify for an award.

Mandatory Content

  • Describe the individual’s exceptional service and leadership to IECA and their contribution(s) to improve the erosion and sediment control industry. (maximum 1600 words)
  • Provide background information on the individual similar in content to a professional resume or curriculum vitae, current employment, professional accomplishments, personal accomplishments, professional involvement and community service. (maximum 1600 words)
  • Include two references from individuals knowledgeable about, but not involved in the project. References cannot be from an employee or family member of the nominee. Awards committee representatives may contact the individual providing recommendations during the review process.

Optional Content

The nominator may include optional content highlighting the attributes of the individual to supplement the mandatory content. Optional content can include additional references or recommendations letters. The optional content is the nominator’s opportunity to “make the case” for the nomination proposal being selected for an IECA Excellence Award. You may format optional content to facilitate electronic distribution and review of the nomination. Where possible, format optional material into a single file or provide a clear summary of separate files. Optional content should not exceed 4000 words. Optional content beyond 4000 words may or may not be reviewed by the Awards committee.

Please click here here to access the nomination form.

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