Executive Committee

Chair: President
Staff Liaison: Executive Director
Members: President, Treasurer, and Secretary


To address Board issues as may arise that require immediate or timely decisions which may not be conducive to the entire Board’s involvement. To assist the Executive Director as requested for time sensitive resolutions. The Committee may make recommendations to the Board on various matters.


To assist the Executive Director and to expedite decisions, recommendations and other Board business.


  • To respond quickly to requests from the Executive Director
  • To perform an annual performance review of the Executive Director
  • To make recommendations to the Board as needed

Membership & Term of Service

The composition shall be determined by the specified officers. Term of service shall be one year.


  • Must be one of the designated officers of the Board.

Member Removal

Committee members and the Chair may be removed for cause, including but not limited to failure to perform duties, by a two-thirds vote of the IECA Board.


In the event that a committee member steps down or is removed during his or her term, the Chair will recommend a replacement for the Board’s approval. The replacement will serve out the remainder of the vacated term, and will be eligible for re-appointment at the end of the vacated term.

Chair Duties

  • Preside at all meetings of the Committee, including teleconferences.
  • Formalize the agenda for all meetings after receiving input from the committee members, IECA Headquarters and/or Board of Directors.
  • Serve as the official spokesperson of the Committee.
  • Submit a committee progress report three times a year, prior to each Board of Directors meeting.


The Committee will hold meetings as needed or directed by the Chair. Communications will occur via email or phone at the discretion of the Chair.


Reports will be required three times a year to coincide with Board of Directors' meetings. Reports will be submitted to the Administrative Vice President a minimum of five weeks prior to each Board meeting.

Executive Committee Roster

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