Environmental Excellence Award

The Environmental Excellence Award is IECA's premier award. It recognizes an outstanding stormwater and erosion and/or sediment control project, program, or operation that demonstrates excellence in natural resource conservation and environmental protection. Recipients will have shown a high level of environmental benefit by clearly identifying the objectives, methods used, results obtained and details of the benefits to the environment. The recipient must be an active member of IECA and participate in the 2024 IECA Annual Conference and Expo. Nominations are now closed.

Judging Criteria

  • Does the project, program, or operation demonstrate excellence in the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection through the application of stormwater practices and erosion / sediment control? (25 points)
  • Does the entry demonstrate the use of existing methodology, scientific design, unique approaches, and/or a combination of all to effectively maximize performance? (15 points)
  • Does the entry serve as a model for similar efforts? (10 points)
Total of 50 points available. Nominations not achieving at least 50% of available points in each judging criterion and at least 75% of the overall points will not qualify for an award. Additional points awarded for number of years as a member of IECA.

Mandatory Content

  • Summarize the entry. (Maximum 400 words)
  • Describe the location, beginning and completion dates (as applicable) for the entry. List the major parties involved with the entry and any other individuals/organizations that should be acknowledged. (Maximum 400 words)
  • Describe the distinctive features, special accomplishments, challenges and other unique aspects of the entry that qualify it for the award criteria above. (Maximum 800 words)
  • Describe how the entry contributes to the environment, the community, and the stormwater and erosion control industry. (Maximum 400 words)
  • Include two references from individuals knowledgeable about, but not involved in the project. References cannot be from an employee or family member of the nominee. Awards committee representatives may contact the individual providing recommendations during the review process.

Optional Content

The nominator may include optional content highlighting the attributes of the individual to supplement the mandatory content. The optional content is the nominator's opportunity to "make the case" for the nomination proposal for the award.

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