Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, District of Columbia, West Virginia

Visit the Mid-Atlantic Chapter web site at http://macieca.org

Mid-Atlantic Chapter Officers

Shannon AudIECABoard Liaison74719
Dylan Drudul, CPESCCity of RockvillePresident65727
Bryce H. Miller, CPESC, CESSWIWetland Studies and Solutions, Inc,Secretary61706
Georgina J. ZyndaIECAStaff Liaison59613
Scott B Keefer, CPESC, NICET Lvl. IVAECOMState Representative11303
Charlie A. SylvesterSly-Jo Enterprise LLCState Representative72231
John W Peterson, CPESC, PEKEMPS Consultants IncState Representative11663
Clayton BallardRummel, Klepper & Kahl State Representative56701
Paul ClementsOregon Deptartment Of ForestryState Representative51526
J Dale FoxwellAtlantic and Chesapeake Permit ExpeditersState Representative36113
Thomas B. MasterTB Master, LLC dba P/T ECSState Representative11570
John B Gonzalez, PE, CPSWQLandmark Science and EngineeringState Representative11561
Charles R. Wilson, Jr., CPESC, CPSWQ, RLAEnviroCert International, IncState Representative11556
Paul F. Clement, PE, CPESCJohnson, Mirmiran & ThompsonState Representative24684
Scott B Keefer, CPESC, NICET Lvl. IVAECOMTreasurer11303
Charlie A. SylvesterSly-Jo Enterprise LLCFirst Vice President72231
Daniel L. Fisk, CPESC, CESSWIWetland Studies and Solutions IncSecond Vice President53467

IECA is the foremost organization for those involved in or concerned about soil erosion control. Membership (in IECA) tells others you take erosion control seriously and you want to help make a difference.

Scott Velting, CPESC, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA