A Team Approach to Phasing and Sequencing

Presented by: Randall J. Shuey, CPESC, CWS ,CPSS, CE

Education Track: Erosion and Sediment Control
Course Length: Full Day
Credit: 7 Professional Development Hours
Technical Level: Tailored to Audience

Phasing and Sequencing are often overlooked or poorly described in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP). In this workshop we will focus on how to develop a functional Phasing and Sequencing plan that will meet regulatory requirements and provide the contractor with a workable and flexible plan. Presentation of successful and innovative phasing concepts that will provided to give a better understanding for the design and development of a complete SWPPP plan. we will discuss the need for the three main groups in a project - planning regulatory and construction to have good lines of communication and input in order to have a project be successful to all.

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Presented by Randall Shuey, CPESC, CWS ,CPSS, CE

Randall Shuey has over 25 years experience working with contractors on projects. Projects have ranged from environmentally sensitive coastal projects to large scale projects. His work includes working with the design team, developing SWPPPs and construction strategies and working with contractors to meet both construction and environmental permit goals. Besides being a CPESC and CESSWI, he is a soil scientist and wetland . Mr. Shuey has served as the president of the Northeast Chapter IECA and is a past member of both the CPESC and CESSWI Councils.

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