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IECA Regional Conferences


The IECA education portal gives you access to the education credit from regional conferences & events. To access click on 'my account'  below and select the 'claim credit' tab.

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IECA Annual Conference & Expo

Credit from the IECA Annual Conference is offered through the conference management website/mobile application. You can claim your credit for up to one year after the conference concludes. Login to with conference login - use forgot access key if you don't have your login information with the email you used for registration. When logged in, select 'claim credit'  in the navigation for complete instructions and to claim credit for the sessions you attended within the program. 


IECA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo  
IECA 2023 Annual Conference & Expo

 To claim attendance credit for an Annual Conference more than one year ago or questions, please email


To claim your credit from an online education event (including, but not limited to: anything hosted on the IECA eHub, webinars, on-demand recordings, IECA Environmental Connection magazine quiz), visit, login with your IECA account and select 'my dashboard'" in the conference navigation. View the flyer below for more information

IECA eHub Claiming Credit
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