Communication: THE Best Management Practice


Whether at the program or project level, trust is at the heart of every successful stormwater management effort. Trust influences technical outcomes; trust informs leadership; trust fosters understanding and grace during the inevitable and uncontrollable storm. Trust requires relationship; relationship requires connection; connection requires effective communication.

In this presentation, Barry Fagan will present the connection between successful stormwater management outcomes and effective communication efforts. He will characterize communication as being THE best management practice and demonstrate practical applications for ensuring your success through trust, relationship, connection, and effective communication.

Vice President - Green Infrastructure
Volkert, Inc.

Barry Fagan has nearly 30 years of experience in guiding clients through the intersection of natural and built environments. Barry currently leads a green infrastructure service area for Alabama-based Volkert, where he fulfills his personal mission of helping good people get better at managing stormwater. Barry loves dirt, loves water, and enjoys the challenge of keeping the two separated.

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