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April 26, 2017 * Free members-only webcast*

Update on How U.S. EPA is Implementing President Trump’s Regulatory Reform Agenda

This can’t miss IECA members-only webinar, presented by Leah Pilconis Environmental Law and Policy Advisor for the Associated General Contractors, will help you navigate President Trump’s Regulatory Reform Agenda. Pilconis will explore data from a new study that examines the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rules and regulations over the last decade (data indicates the U.S. EPA has issued the most and costliest rules during this time period). She will then take a deep dive into a series of Presidential Executive Orders that have come out in the last 75 days that are aimed at cutting back rules, streamlining regulatory reviews and permitting with a focus on the ones that have particular bearing on the U.S. EPA. You’ll also get an update on the establishment of a new Regulatory Reform Task Force at the U.S. EPA that is charged with recommending existing regulations that can be repealed, replaced or modified to make them less burdensome. The regulated community has an opportunity to weigh in with the Agency regarding the programs that should undergo review, but the timeline is short! The EPA program and regional offices have a deadline of May 15, 2017, to give the Task Force their recommendations. Finally, learn how President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget is translating into U.S. EPA planning, as far as future staffing and program cuts.

May 17, 2017

Arid and Semiarid Soils: Characteristics and Challenges for Revegetation, Reclamation, and Mitigation

Revegetation, reclamation, and mitigation become increasingly difficult as water becomes the most limiting factor for plant growth. These problems often are compounded in semiarid and arid regions by salinity, which further restricts plant growth, and sodicity, which destroys soil structure. The inability to establish surface vegetative cover exacerbates problems with both wind and water erosion. This presentation will address which soil and climate properties to evaluate to predict the success of revegetation efforts, and identify methods to address the specific management challenges encountered in working with arid and semiarid region soils.

June 14, 2017

Lessons in LID Construction

Following proper LID construction methods minimizes costly repairs and ensures the LID practices works as designed. In this webinar, experts will share their experiences in constructing LID in Ontario and similar cold climate regions, and provide valuable lessons learned.

August 16, 2017

Five Fundamentals for Successful Restoration of Disturbed Lands

Successful restoration of disturbed land requires a comprehensive and holistic approach. Those overseeing land rehabilitation efforts should integrate the five fundamentals for successful land restoration into their projects. This presentation will provide details on the five fundamentals along with real world examples of success and challenges.